A Brief Introduction to Wushu School

of Henan University

Henan is located in the Central Plains, where both Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan originate, and enjoys exceptional Wushu resources. The Wushu discipline of Henan University has a long history, rich accumulation, and outstanding achievements. It is currently the only Wushu school set up in comprehensive universities in China, and it is also the earliest Wushu school in China that has formed an integrated training system for Wushu talents.

In 1960, Henan university offered the major of Wushu when the Department of Physical Education was established. In 1988, the Shaolin Wushu College of Henan University was established with the approval of the former Henan Provincial Education Commission. In 1994, Henan University took the lead in recruiting Wushu majors among comprehensive universities in China. In 2001, it was granted the right to confer master’s degree in folk traditional sports. In 2007, it began to enroll doctoral students in the direction of Wushu. In 2011, Wushu and Traditional National Sports was approved as the Characteristic Major of Henan Province. In 2019, it was approved as the first-class undergraduate major construction point of Henan Province. In 2021, it was approved as the national first-class undergraduate specialty construction site. On April 24, 2019, the School of Wushu of Henan University was established.

The faculty of the school is strong. Out of the 29 people in the school, there are 18 with senior titles, 7 with doctoral degrees, and 6 with master-level athletes title. 19 famous Wushu experts such as Shi Yongxin, Liang Yiquan, Liu Baoshan, Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenglei, Wang Xi'an, Sun Wanrong, He Youlu, Zhong Zhenshan, Zhao Youbin and Cui Zhongsan are employed as part-time professors.

The school has achieved fruitful scientific research. Professor Kang Gewu, honorary dean, doctoral supervisor, and expert from the National Wushu Academy, leads the research on Wushu history and culture. He is the editor-in-chief of the Chinese Wushu Duan System Series Tutorial and the chief editor of The Complete History of Chinese Wushu. Professor Hong Hao, the dean, doctoral supervisor, and chairman of the Young Scholars Working Committee of the National Wushu Academy, leads the study of Central Plains Wushu. He is the executive editor of the Shaolin Kungfu Duan Pin System Series Tutorial and the Chinese Traditional Taijiquan Series Tutorial.

The school has cultivated a large number of talents for society. Up to now, the major of Wushu and Chinese Traditional sports has trained more than 1,500 graduates in 22 sessions, and more than 60 outstanding students have emerged, including the Asian Games champion Li Mengfan, national champions Liu Wenlong, Liu Danfeng, and Cheng Zhengbiao. The students have repeatedly achieved good results in domestic and foreign Wushu competitions, and have won more than 100 gold metals. In the year of 2019 alone, the school won 2 first prizes and 4 second prizes at the 11th National Minority Traditional Sports Games in 2019, and were commended by the Henan Provincial Committee of CPC and the Provincial Government.

The teaching level and student training quality of the Wushu Academy have been steadily improved, the academic achievements have been continuously enriched, and the comprehensive strength of the disciplines ranks among the top in the country. World Wushu look at China, and Chinese Wushu look at Henan. The Wushu School of Henan University is rooted in the fertile soil of Wushu culture in the Central Plains, adhering to the fine tradition of “manifesting bright virtues, renovating the people and resting in the highest excellence”. It will further promote and lead the development of Wushu and the construction of Wushu disciplines, and will certainly make greater contributions to the world of Wushu broadcasting.