Prescription medications causing suicidal thoughts and violence

We have spoken in the past concerning medication and vaccine adverse effects.

Here is a link to a thoughtful article with continuing discussion on prescription anti-smoking medications which can trigger suicidal thoughts and actions.

Other medications that can cause bizarre thoughts include Accutane Amantadine, Amphetamines, antiepileptics (Neurontin, Lyrica), Interferon, Reglan (metoclopramide), Steroids, members of the SSRI class, Zimulti (obesity pill in clinical trials), Trazodone, TCA , Remeron (mirtazapine) You should also consider that these medications can cause agitation, irritability, aggression, violence , homicidal thought. and check your clients meds list for these legal drugs.

A discussion on Warning labels and the push by the pharma industry to repeal warnings can be found at

As pointed out in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, “FDA Staff Does Not Recommend Removing Serious Chantix Warnings” I agree with the FDA’s position, but I also understand the motivation of drug manufacturers to repeal serious AE warnings.

Lots to consider. If you have a case involving anti-smoking or other drugs leading to suicidal thoughts or aggressive behavior, and you would like to discuss or refer for medical review and opinion, please let me know. My updated contact info follows.

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