Evaluation of Adverse Event

Our approach to evaluating potential adverse events and injuries involves the application of the standards of scientific evidence and medical causation.

NB: Many of these actions require a experienced licensed physician, and can not realistically be performed by nurse reviewers. If you anticipate your review requiring the input of a physician, and if you may require the later testimony of a physician, perhaps you should be using Extant Medical from the start.

1) Thorough past medical records review.
2) Review specialty tests, such as lab, biopsy, radiology, and order additional tests when appropriate.
3) Obtain a thorough history and perform a directed physical exam, with emphasis on listening to the patient!
4) Directed review of the medical literature and FDA reports.
5) Contact the original treating physicians for explanations and feedback, where appropriate.
6) Review of medications to identify potential harmful interactions.
7) Formation of a medical opinion on general and specific causation, using accepted rules and methods that will withstand Daubert challenge!